National Police Service adds 100 Mahindra Scorpio Pik-up to their fleet

The National Police Service has received 100 brand-new Mahindra Scorpio Pik-up vehicles during a hand-over ceremony held at the Simba Corp Headquarters on Mombasa Road. As a presidential initiative by the Government of Kenya, The National Police Service has been actively modernizing its fleet enabling Government and Government agencies to take up the leasing of vehicles for their respective departments.

Speaking at the event, David Njagi, Chief Transport Officer said, “I recently visited AVA in Mombasa and I was pretty pleased with what I saw. We are delighted with the acquisition of a new fleet of vehicles. The Mahindra is a sturdy vehicle and we look forward to serving the nation in these vehicles. The nature of our work involves a lot of movement in these vehicles and we are happy to hear that Simba Corp will always be ready to service them.Our drivers have been trained and we would like to have continuous training sessions, considering that we have three driver shifts and all drivers need to be better equipped to handle the cars.”

Mehul Sachdev, Mahindra Product Manager stated, “Kenya is a strategic market for Mahindra in the African continent as this is the headquarter of East Africa operations. The Mahindra Scorpio Pik-up has more than 150,000 customers worldwide. This product comes with a 2.2l 4-cylinder M-hawk Turbo diesel engine with a new contemporary look that includes a restyled signature Mahindra Single Cab 4x4 front grille with chrome inserts. The vehicle has a large load box with a maximum payload of 1200 kg, and a braked towing capacity of 2500 kg making it a suitable and dependable team player for the police force”. In addition, “Simba Corp has a fully functional service center with trained personnel and will be able to service the entire fleet through its branches, dealers, and numerous service centers countrywide”, he added.

Nixon Oduor, Head of Government Sales and Leasing at Simba Corp said, “We are proud to partner with The National Police Service in the leasing of locally assembled, brand new, reliable and rugged vehicle, the Mahindra Scorpio Pik-up. This association will make it possible for the National Police Service to access the Mahindra Scorpio Pik-up with robust country-wide service support. I am confident that the Mahindra Scorpio Pik-up will provide high reliability and optimum performance to Kenya Police Service.”

Naresh Leekha, MD for the Motors Division at Simba Corp, added, “Mahindra is a global brand, headquartered in India, with operations in over 100 countries, including Kenya. We are proud to partner with Mahindra Automotive as a sole distributor in Kenya. As a part of the Buy Kenya, Build Kenya initiative, we began the local assembly of the Mahindra Scorpio Pik-up in March 2020, at the Associated Vehicle Assembly plant in Mombasa. I am proud to say that the Mahindra Scorpio Pik up is also in use by other armed forces across the world and in a country like Mozambique alone, with 3,000 units in active service.

Simba Corp is also equipping underprivileged Kenyan youth with technical and business skills through the Simba Foundation, who are then absorbed into the Simba Corp team. We are proud to be creating employment opportunities for the Kenyan youth through such noble initiatives.”

In March 2020, His Excellency the President Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta, officially unveiled the first locally assembled Mahindra Scorpio at an event held at State House, Nairobi.

The President stated, “I have directed the National Treasury and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives to have discussions with financial institutions to create special products for locally assembled vehicles, and to make locally assembled vehicles more affordable and available to Kenyans,” said Kenyatta. This directive made it possible for the government to take up the leasing of vehicles.

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