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Simba Corporation's roots are deeply entrenched in the values of hard work and there is a strong sense of team. Since our beginnings in 1948, we have expanded our people base, seeking out strong, capable candidates to fulfill the various mandates available in our ever-expanding corporate family. The sense of duty is mutual: even large companies have to provide value to the talent they attract. We provide a working environment that is challenging, dynamic and inclusive; where learning and growing is a symbiotic process for both Simba and its staff.

Recruitment and selection is systematic and effective - we give equal opportunity to all applicants.

Technician Trainee Program

  • The Technician Trainee Program was created to bridge the gap caused by lack of employability skills among graduates of Universities, Colleges, and Institutes. The program aims to bring out instant productivity from a better skilled and well-educated workforce and also ensure seamless staff recruitment when older employees attain their retirement age.

  • Started in the year 2013, the two-year Program takes in between six and twelve persons aged between 23 and 27 years. The key focus is in the fields of Plant, Automotive, Production, and Mechatronics.

  • The Program utilizes “On-the-Job Training” (OJT), which is a planned and purposeful training, which ensures that the right people for the job are found and that they give near 100% productivity when employed.

Staff testimonials

"I am a salesman by profession. Saying that confidently has been a journey and Simba has contributed a lot. I get to interact with individuals from all walks of life in Kenya with businesses drawing from various industries. In Simba, I have learnt teamwork, hard work, time management, how to sell and negotiate, customer service, confidence, conflict resolution, persistence, prospecting. I have worked under bosses and with colleagues who are nothing short of amazing, who have guided and pushed me to excel in my work."

Kevin Kagwanja, Sales Executive, Fuso.

"I have worked for Simba for the past 15 incredible years. I have been given the opportunity to gain valuable experience in different departments. This has broadened my mind and gained various skills such as interpersonal skills, problem solving skills and commercial awareness. My latest opportunity has been in the Finance department, which is more suitable as it is in line with my educational background. I like the fact that Simba is evolving and with it the Simba staff are also growing in the process. It is an honor & privilege to be a part of the Simba Family."

Vinodi Shekhawat

"I have worked in Simba for 32 years. I like the opportunity given to employees to empower themselves by going back for classes at any given time, and also internal trainings offered for Simba staff. Simba has also given staff a platform to talk to the Chairman (Sema Na Adil). The Simba Foundation department has really empowered the Youth. Overall, when at Simba someone feels at home."

Yunia Moraa, Customer Experience Agent

I have worked in Simba for four and half years. Working at Simba has not only helped me improve my skills in Barista, service Personnel and Mixologist but has also greatly improved my communication skills due to the constant customer relations and positive feedback. I would highly recommend employment for anyone seeking to work at Simba. The environment and welcoming staff make it very conducive to work and be the best version of yourself.

Robert Wanderi, Fika Bistro