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Simba Corp: 5 decades of growth and steadfast business philosophies lead to special milestone

  • Simba Corp Considering Local Auto assembly for passenger models
  • The hospitality unit plans to set up more 4 stars and 3-star Acacia Hotels

Nairobi, July 24, 2017 - Simba Corp has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 50 years of delivering innovative transport offerings making it the leading home-grown motor brand in Kenya. The celebrations come when the group is at the pinnacle of intense growth in the local Motor assembly and hospitality industry.

During the past 50 years Simba Corp has diversified into the fields of hospitality, real estate and financial services representing some of the worlds reputable brands. Started in 1948 as a car rental company, Simba Corp officially sold its first new car in 1968 marking the birth of the Mitsubishi Franchise in Kenya. Over the years Simba has acquired franchises of BMW, Renault, Mahindra, SAME tractors among other businesses; Africa Fleet Management Solutions, AVIS and AKSA. The hospitality unit boost of some of the best facilities in Kenya; Villa Rosa Kempinski, Olare Mara and Acacia Premier.

Company Executive Chairman Adil Popat remarked: " We have dedicated ourselves to 50 years of product innovation and products efficiencies to provide our customer with the highest quality products and service. Throughout 2018 to 2019, we will be taking a look at where we started, what we have achieved, and what our plans are for the future”

Simba Corporation took ownership of Mombasa-based Associated Vehicle Assemblers (AVA) last year an investment that aligns with the group’s strategy on local assembly. The group further acquired a 35% shareholding in Hemmingways signalling Simba Corp’s intent to grow its interests in the hospitality sector, from its current three properties. The hospitality investment is part of Simba’s goal of creating a substantial hospitality business platform with the intention to expand nationally and within the region

“Simba’s auto division makes up 85 percent of the company’s total revenue, we are keen on growth our next 50 is massive, we plan to expand both our motor and hospitality units. We also venturing food and beverage business. We keen on growing, Simba can only roar louder” said Dinesh Kotecha, the Group CEO

As part of this growth, in 2016 we launched our Corporate Social Investment arm, the Simba Foundation with a Mission “To provide a platform to underprivileged youth by equipping them with technical and business skills and to build on Simba’s heritage in providing healthcare interventions through partnerships” Simba Foundation’s Education flagship project is an automotive skills training through a collaboration with two training institutions, Eastlands College of Technology and St. Kizito Vocational Training Institute. As we celebrate our 50 years, we are proud to be graduating the initial class of 51 students, having completed their NITA Grade I examinations and we are on boarding a new class of 75 students to begin the training in September 2018.